How to choose a waterproof enclosure for your electronic device

If you are looking for weatherproof box for electronics , then you have come to the right place. As the primary feature of an electronic enclosure, it can effectively and safely protect electronic circuit boards and electronic components. A well-protected electronic enclosure can not only prevent your PCB from being Controlling the damage can also bring you huge economic benefits, which will save you the cost of returning a large number of products. Next we will briefly describe all the features of a waterproof enclosure.

Protection class IP68: This is the most important requirement. According to the IP68 protection level determined by the international, it can effectively prevent water from entering the inside of the aluminum case. It needs to pass the waterproof test. It is placed in a place of 10 meters underwater for more than 10 hours. When the enclosure is taken out of the water, the internal waterproof test is carried out. The strips do not discolor.


Electronic equipment casing industry

Various components make up the electronic equipment enclosure industry. Some key components are processors, sensors and memory chips. Other products include cell phone batteries. These items are versatile and have a good reputation in the industry. Companies have been operating in this space for decades, and they’re taking big strides to uphold that reputation. Below are some of the key players in the industry. The companies described below all have a good industry position in the electronics industry


The enclosure of an electronic device must be durable. It has to be both functional and attractive. The YONGUcase waterproof case has various uses as the carrier of the PCB. It is designed to enhance the performance of the user. Furthermore, it helps the company maintain its market position and prevent any kind of recall, while also being good for the environment. YONGU enclosures are more durable than industry standards.


Yongu has a good position in the industry field, researching many different types of casings, focusing on product development and release to attract customers, and constantly innovating product types.


Foshan Nanhai Yonggu Hardware Products Co., Ltd was established in 2004,till now with the 17 years of history. Yonggu is a service-oriented intelligent manufacturer focusing on the aluminum housing, which located in Foshan China, the center of Aluminum city. We have integrated R&D,production, sale and service etc and committed to industry design with structure,high advanced appearance, production feasibility, production unit cost, function etc. Although Yongu enclosure are made of metal or aluminum,all the item was R&D by our team members,who devote big efforts in order to make every item with their thoughts and soul.Our mission is that committed to providing first-class housing solutions for global electronic equipment.Innovative and intelligent technology company for the enclosure, can make design and personalized customization.Marketing cover Europe and USA,Korea,Australia etc, end user including Instrumentation,Rail,telecommunication,outdoor projects etc. 


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